In these terms and conditions ‘we’ and ‘us’ means ‘Bayscapes Charters Ltd’ and ‘you’ means ‘the client of Bayscapes Charters Ltd’.


We reserve the right to cancel any booking due to sea or weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances. Cancellations by Bayscapes Charters Ltd entitle the client to choose between a new booking of the same value or a full refund. Due to the nature of sailing we cannot guarantee that we will arrive back at Paihia wharf at precisely the specified time and therefore do not take any liability for disruptions to travel plans.

Shared Day Charter Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made by the client prior to 24 hours of sailing will receive a full refund. No refund will be given for cancellations made by clients within 24 hours of booking departure and refunds do not extend to travel and or accommodation expenses. 

Private Charter Cancellation Policy:

Booking fee is non refundable. Cancellations made by the client up to 14 days prior to the departure date will receive a full refund (minus booking fee). No refund will be given for cancellations made by clients within 14 days of booking departure. Refunds do not extend to travel and or accommodation expenses. Payment must be received in full 14 days prior to departure.


If you are late to your booking we can depart without you and you will not be entitled to receive a refund.


Included in day escape and private day escape booking is a packed lunch.

All food is prepared off site. Special dietary requirements are available under the disclaimer that all food is prepared in the same kitchen and therefore no product is guaranteed to be 100% free of allergens etc. Bayscapes Charters Ltd recommends you cater for yourself if you have doubts about special diets, allergens etc.


Bayscapes Charters Ltd runs a BYO (Bring your Own) alcohol policy. Bayscapes reserves the right to restrict or limit alcohol consumption on board. Bayscapes can deny boarding if we believe you are too intoxicated. 


A safety briefing will be given at the start of each journey, you are to abide by the rules stated in this briefing and abide by the skippers request at all times.

No smoking allowed on board.

Vaping allowed in outdoor areas only.


We warrant that at all times we will have appropriate liability insurance for events where we are at fault. To the extent permissible by law we cannot be held liable for any personal injury or equipment loss or damage occurred while on board. Neither can we be held liable for any disruptions to travel plans that may occur. 


We reserve the right to withdraw any person who in our opinion is likely to endanger themselves or others. We also reserve the right to cancel the cruise if we become concerned for any reason for your safety or that of any other person.


Children are the Parent/Guardian’s responsibility: Children must be under continuous adult supervision for the duration of the charter, and all activities. Under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult on charter. There are safety regulations which we must abide by for children’s safety, please respect that we (and you) must follow them.


Sailing can be adventurous when the wind is up: Your Captain/Crew know the conditions and know how the boat will respond. If asked to do something, please do as requested. At any time if you are not comfortable or feel unsafe please advise your Captain. The cruise can be adjusted so that all passengers have a good time.


A marine toilet is located below deck. Do NOT flush sanitary items, wet wipes or rubbish as it will block the system. Use bins provided. If you’re in doubt, ask before use.


To participate in swimming you must be able to swim competently in open water: Keep in mind that swimming activities are not supervised or guided by Captain/crew therefore it is your own responsibility to ensure personal safety. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. If you are not a confident swimmer please advise the crew.


When ashore, stick to the walking tracks and return to the pick up point at the designated time. If you are late you may incur a search party fee.


Snorkelling is available to those who are competent swimmers. You will be asked to declare your ability, and agree to the terms stated. Snorkelling is a supervised activity (not guided). Children must be accompanied by a competent parent at all times.


We use photos and videos for social media/advertising purposes. If you do not want your photo taken please let our staff know on board.


We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice.


All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax). Prices are subject to change.